Episode 3: From Latent Data to Active Knowledge Making (Brenda Scruggs Gunn)

On March 10th, Brenda Scruggs Gunn joined us at our apartment for the third episode of our podcast.

We had a far-ranging discussion that delved into her origins as an archivist, particularly with regard to her mentor David Gracy, the archives evangelist of the country if there ever was one. She also discussed what it was like to leave Texas and live outside of her home state for the first time in her life and how a dream job took her there.

She spent a good amount of time talking about her service to the profession in the Society of American Archivists, the SAA Foundation, and the Academy of Certified Archivists. She, interestingly--but we guided her in that direction--provided another point of view on certification from our last podcast guest, Bob Clark.

Having moved from the University of Texas to the University of Virginia, Brenda provided insight on the life of an academic archivist working in the U.S. Most importantly, Brenda demonstrates how archivists can focus their efforts o…

Episode 2: The Document Whisperer (Bob Clark)

On March 2nd, 2018, Karen Trivette and Geof Huth interviewed Bob Clark, the director of the Rockefeller Archives Center, about his careers, the practice of archives, diversity in archives, and many other matters affecting archivists.

Of particular interest to us were Bob's thoughts on how the archives profession is not diverse because of the financial barriers to becoming an archivist and his thoughts on how the Society of American Archivists can do more to support the professional nationally.

Take a listen to the voice of this lawyer-turned-archivist, and hear how he sees the world of archives and archivists.

Listen to "Episode 2: The Document Whisperer (Bob Clark)" on Spreaker.
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Episode 1: An Archives Couple of Archivists (Karen Trivette and Geof Huth)

We’ve just published the first episode of our podcast: Karen and Geof, who will later be the hosts, talking archives. Listen below:

voices of archivists

Announcing An Archivist’s Tale

My wife Karen Trivette and I (Geof Huth) are beginning a podcast in which we will interview archivists. We hope to talk to archivists across the country, and maybe further afield, and archivists of all types, doing all kinds of work. We want to present the broad spectrum of archivists and the records they hold.

We even created a prospectus that laid out our goal for the podcast ("Capture the diversity of voices in the archives profession") and our plans (about two podcasts a month, with a set of two questions we will ask everyone). We also purchased and received all of the equipment we need and have identified a hosting service. We even finished a first practice run just before I began editing this for this new blog. 

Last week, we held our first planning meeting, as opposed to the various informal conversations we have held. Being archivists, we actually developed a set of metadata we would collect for each podcast, and indicated which of these would always be spoken during e…